10 Best Baby Booster Seats in India 2020 (For Kids & Toddler)

Toddlers are proactive and curious to learn new things. Whatever you offer them, they tend to play and try throwing it away. This brings lots of happiness and joy with the pain of feeding because it is not easy to feed a baby. Breastfeeding is easy, but taking your baby to the next step of teaching fruit and veggie take time.

You can use food nibblers and such other products, but it is important that your baby must be sitting in the right position. Here comes the first problem, babies are quite stubborn, and they do whatever they like. So, making them sit steady is a bit typical and an arduous task after a while. The common and reliable solution is to why a baby booster seat.

These are small seats designed for babies who are in the age group of 6 months to 2 years. They can comfortably sit, and you can fasten the belt so that they don’t move. Now, they have no other option than sit still, and you can teach them how to eat. Baby high chairs are easy to use, and your baby is sitting at a height so he/she won’t be trying to move.

In the Indian market, there are many companies offering baby booster seats. Even you can find an intense variety based on the size, shape, capacity, and a few other factors. Due to this, looking after the purchase of the best product seems a bit tedious. Baby booster seats have several aspects to look after.

A first-time buyer might not feel ease figuring out which product is the best one in all kinds, but we are here to help you. We talked about it to professionals, few manufacturers, people from forum, and new parents who are currently using baby booster seats. With that said, we are also paying close attention to the built quality, design, and features factors alongside reviews.

After doing hard work and going through the important aspects, we made a list of top 10 best baby booster seats available in India. This list covers all the well-made products in 2020 and available for the pocket-friendly price point.

Let’s begin by exploring the list –

1. Fisher-Price Booster Seat

Fisher-Price Booster Seat

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A well-made baby booster seat with a great capacity to fulfill the need is offered by Fisher-Price for quite a pocket-friendly price point. Fisher-Price is a well-known brand, and they have so many positive reviews about the design, features, and built quality, which makes it one of the finest products of choice so far.

It has a weighing capacity of 50lbs, and the product itself is lightweight, which makes it convenient for portability. The built quality is up to the mark, and it has a genuine design. You can fasten the belt, and there is a quick-release button, which makes the usability easier. It has a single color choice, but the use of tri-color finish enhances the overall look.

The reviews are positive, and durability is not a major concern for everything which is offered by the manufacturer. The seat itself is comfortable for your baby so that you won’t be having any kind of issue with the overall usability.

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2. Chicco Booster Seat Mode Fancy Chicken

Chicco Booster Seat Mode Fancy Chicken

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For fun looking design and slightly expensive price point, Chicco brought you a great deal in terms of looks. This orange-colored baby booster seat is quite fancy and eye-catchy. Your baby is going to love this because of having an animal (chicken) design pattern. The soft chicken padding gives a premium look, and it is easy to wash also.

The seat is comfortable itself, and there is a three-level adjustment so that your baby has a great experience using the same. The best part so far is, there are total of three different designs available in the same which can enhance the choice and you can figure out the best one so far. This is the best thing so far.

The booster seat is lightweight but has a great built quality, which can offer you a premium in-hand feel. This will enhance the overall user experience. You can clean this chair easily due to having removable trays in this baby booster seat, and you can expect a range of advantages for sure. It is also suitable for babies 6 months to 3 years.

3. Trugoods Baby Booster Seat

Trugoods Baby Booster Seat

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One of the most affordable baby booster seats so far is Trugoods Baby Booster Seat. It has a large food tray that can enhance the overall usability, and it provides adequate support to the back of your baby, which can provide additional advantages. It is a foldable feeding chair, and it is highly portable to use for sure.

Having higher compatibility is the primary feature that ensures the best use. You can use it for a dining table and expect a premium design and lot more features from the same. The design itself might not be that appealing, but it is great for the price point. The built quality is slightly cheap and has a poor-quality plastic used inbuilt.

But, it is acceptable for the price point. This product gets the work done, and it helps with the proper sitting position of the baby. There is a harness to fasten and make your baby feel comfortable during the use, which can enhance the overall usability so far.

4. LuvLap 4 in 1 Booster High Chair

LuvLap 4 in 1 Booster High Chair

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A complete booster seat which can fulfill the exact need and provide all the essential feature is LuvLap 4 in 1 Booster High Chair. This high chair has large legs, and it is making everything easier from making you babysit at one place to feed them. There is a five-point safety harness, and the legs are wide so that your baby doesn’t fall.

There are two different color options available, which will come in handy, and you can rely on the overall design. This is the primary and most loved feature about it. The food tray is removable, and it can enhance usability in several manners. Coming to the comfort portion, it is quite reliable and up to the mark.

However, it could have soft padding at back and base so that your baby gets a premium feel. Otherwise, everything is positive about the product considering the price and design. There are two different color options offered by the manufacturer to fulfill the need.

5. SYGA High Chair or Baby Booster Seat

SYGA High Chair or Baby Booster Seat

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Coming up next, the most comforting design with an up to the mark built quality is offered by SYGA High Chair or Baby Booster Seat. Having soft padding at this booster chair will give you a premium experience, and you are not going to face any kind of issue while sitting or using this baby booster product.

There are four different color choices, and all of them are eye-catchy. The most loved feature is to convert this baby booster chair into a moving toy due to having wheels at the base. You can convert it into a normal chair as well as you can prefer the booster chair when feeding. The tray is removable, and you are not going to face any issue while moving.

The built quality is premium, and considering the design, it is a safer product so far. The only issue we found is, you might face a little issue cleaning it. The synthetic material is giving the premium feel, but it might make your baby sweat, and it is a major problem when using such a product for your baby. The material isn’t breathable.

6. URBAN KINGS Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

URBAN KINGS Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

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URBAN KINGS Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat is not a high-chair, but it has all the functionality that you might be willing to get from a booster seat. It is a standard booster seat with comfortable sitting material. It is lightweight and highly portable due to the small legs and such good design.

There is a large tray so that your baby can eat without any problem. You can find that it is easy to remove, and the tray is dishwasher safe for a comforting experience. There is a softcover on the top, and it is breathable so that your baby gets easier usability, and the design itself is a lot more appealing than any other product mentioned in this list so far.

If you want the best-built quality, then this product is not going to make you feel bad about it. The only issue we think about this product is, there is no color choice, and it is mainly for feeding purposes only. For the price, you can rely on it and consider the purchase.

7. LBLA Portable Baby Booster Seat

LBLA Portable Baby Booster Seat

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The unique-looking design by LBLA Portable Baby Booster Seat is fulfilling the need and providing a range of features here. It is easy to install, and the legs are portable. You can increase the height as per need. If you want to use it in the car to make your baby fit then, it will serve that purpose in an exact manner for sure.

Coming to the comfort factor, it has a thin but soft padding. The material is breathable so that your baby has the best experience while using this chair. The built quality of the product is up to the mark, and you are getting a premium in-hand feeling. If you look at the price and design, it is quite a competitive choice.

However, there are few negative reviews about the durability or weighing capacity. Considering the capacity and its mechanism, you might have a concern about usability, and we also have the same. If your baby weight is normal, then you can consider this product and grab the best usability.

8. Kiddale Baby Plastic Booster Seat

Kiddale Baby Plastic Booster Seat

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With a high chair design and a large tray for food, you are not going to feel bad about the purchase of Kiddale Baby Plastic Booster Seat. There is a toy tray at the front which provides the entertainment house to your baby, and it helps with the overall productivity. Your baby can learn so many things with the same, that’s why you can consider it as the best choice.

It has a fastening belt, and there is a quick-release button on the same for the safety purpose. The built quality is quite reliable, and having a close look at the design, you can like it. But, we have a concern about the padding. There is no soft padding that might be uncomfortable if you want your baby to sit on the same for long hours. Otherwise, everything is positive.

This multiuse chair has positive reviews, and the design is also up to the mark, but if you want a premium level of comfort, then you might not like grabbing this deal over the other ones. With that said, cleaning this chair is absolutely easy because there is no fabric material that provides the best usability so far.

9. NHR 6 to 18 Months Baby Chair

NHR 6 to 18 Months Baby Chair

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For the extremely cheaper price point, you might not want to miss NHR 6 to 18 Months Baby Chair. It is a good looking baby booster seat which not only fulfills the need but it also provides the best usability so far, which ensure that you grab the best quality product so far. It has an adjustable tray, and a mechanism to attack the tray is also simple.

However, the tray might fall if you put too much weight or pressure on the same. This is a major concern so far, but if you want to use it for a normal purpose, then there is nothing bad about it. You can convert it into a swing chair and get a versatile use. All these things are going to help with the overall usability of the product.

There are three different design and color options available so far. The built quality might be the concern, but considering the use for a couple of months, you probably feel better about the purchase. This is the major reason that you can like NHR 6 to 18 Months Baby Chair.

10. Mee Mee Foldable Booster Seat

Mee Mee Foldable Booster Seat

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Mee Mee is a popular and well-liked brand in the past couple of months considering the products they offer. The built quality is good enough to like. That’s why you can go after the purchase of Mee Mee Foldable Booster Seat. This orange color baby booster seat has a genuine design, and it is easy to place on any type of chair.

This two-in-one infant chair is reliable for normal use during the early months, but later on, you can convert this into the booster chair. Having such premium built quality and getting a reliable in-hand feel, which makes you feel comfortable during the use, which can provide the best usability so far.

There is premium quality material used in manufacturing, which ensures the safest deal. The only issue is, there is no padding, which might be the major issue; otherwise, everything is positive. The built quality is better to prefer, and you can expect a lot more than just using the chair, which will fulfill the need for sure.

Baby Booster Seat Buyer Guide – Features To Check

During the purchase of baby booster seats or chairs, you can find that there are several aspects to look after. It might be typical in the beginning, but if you stay selective and go through the essential aspects, you can remove the murky choices. We made the list of important factors, and all of them are important to consider with the product you are willing to buy.

Let’s have a look

  • Built Quality

There are many qualities available in the market about baby booster seats. Most of the companies prefer polymers or hard plastic, but it should be safe to use so that you get a comforting experience so far. Checking the built quality and the material used will help you know a little, but if you get an in-hand feel of plastic, then you can evaluate a lot more things about the same.

  • Design

Nothing is more important than design because if your baby doesn’t like it, then you are most likely to avoid the purchase. Considering the same, you should go for a comfortable design that can be converted into a feeding chair as well as a baby booster seat. This factor will ensure that you get a quality product to fulfill the basic need.

  • Comfort

Having soft padding will make your baby feel comfortable during the use. Most of the manufacturers are preferring comfortable materials such as synthetic or leather for the top layer. But, you should ensure that the material is breathable so that your baby doesn’t sweat while sitting on the chair for a couple of hours.

  • Eye-Catchy Looks

As this product is for your baby, it is important that you look after the purchase of an eye-catchy design. The best part is, having an animal character on the baby booster seat will make you feel comfortable. This is the most important reason because animal patterns are quite reliable and better to prefer.

  • Easy to Clean

A product that is easy to clean and provide proper hygiene is always safe. Make sure that the food tray is removable and easy to clean. The padding should be washable. This will ensure proper hygiene and provides an intense range of safety during the use. It is the major and most loved feature that you should be looking after so far.

  • Weight

Having a lightweight product will ensure premium safety. You need to check out the overall weight. It matters a lot when it comes to portability. If you can’t figure out the right product, then you must take a close look at the products available. Comparing the product will help you figure out an adequate deal that can provide the best option so far.

  • Reviews

By going through all the products and learning about the reviews, you will find a great product. It gives an in-depth review of a product about the durability, which will be playing the essential role, and it will fulfill the need. You can find out the pros and cons of a product. Apparently, reviews are also helpful for figuring out the design-related aspects, usability, and value for money aspect. It is the major reason to check a product.

  • Affordability

To avail the best deal, you need to check reviews because it will provide complete detail. You can know whether the product is value for money or not. If you compare products and check their price and built quality, you ensure so many important aspects. If you still feel that it is hard to grab the best product, then you can go after reputed brands, and everything is done after that. This will ensure the safe purchase, and it will save you money at the same time.


The Indian market has several companies, and all of them claim to be the best one, but it depends. A cheap priced product with the normal build quality is also reliable, but we suggest going after a versatile product which offers great value for the money. The price is an important aspect, and going after an extremely cheap product is not a safe choice.

In our list, we covered all the products which are highly reliable, comes for an affordable price point, and offer genuine build quality. Make sure that you stay selective and go through the important aspects. We hope that this guidepost covers all the essential factors so that you get an adequate product and save money on the purchase.