10 Best Baby Changing Pads In India 2020 – Waterproof Mats

The baby changing pads is a very well thought of a product that has given complete relaxation to the infants and also offered complete satisfaction to the mothers. Baby changing pads have become boon to the new mothers. Mostly, the mothers couldn’t sleep well at night when babies cry in the middle of the night after making the bed wet. Loss of sleep makes the mothers feel tired the whole day.

The waterproof mats are useful during diaper emergencies, which are most common among the tiny tots. The water-absorbing capacity of the mats makes it easy for mothers to cope with the situation and to keep the babies happy. The waterproof diapers for babies are designed according to the Indian conditions, and the busy Indian mothers love the product that makes their ‘Aankho ka tara’ happily enjoying. Read Also: Best Baby Play Mats In India

The below-given list of branded diapers with the features in detail It will help you to know the usefulness of the waterproof pads, which you will definitely buy for your baby.

1. Dream Baby Waterproof Nappy Changing Mat

Dream Baby Waterproof Nappy Changing Mat

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Dream baby waterproof nappy changing mat is made available in a set of 3 sheets, which is made by combining smooth plastic and soft cotton cloth, which offer a relaxing feel to the babies while in sleep, and it also takes care of babies when it pees in the sleep. The easily washable mats are most reliable during diaper emergencies. The liquid when passed, it gets collected in the plastic and doesn’t get leaked at all.

Most people love the product for its long durability and usefulness. It can be easily washed and dried within no time. The infants will remain relaxed and active during the long hours of the night without disturbing their mothers or nannies.  The nicely designed pads are easy to carry even while going out or while travelling. The magical pads not only help the babies to have a nice time, but it helps the family members to have rest without worrying about the baby.

2. Fareto Nappy Changing Mat/Sleeping mats/

Fareto Nappy Changing Mat

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Fareto nappy changing mat for the babies between 0-4 Months is available in 17*22 Inchs, which is in the most suitable size. The mat is easy to place on study-tables, carpets, and beds also, where you can spread it. Let the baby have a comfortable time on colourful flexible mat.  The mat can be useful to carry while going out or travelling on the bus or train. The mat can be used mainly while feeding the baby, massaging the baby or mainly during the night hours, when it needs undisturbed sleep.

The mat is made of pure cotton material, which is combined with 100% polyester coated sponge, which has a plastic sheet at another side. The sheet remains of superior quality with clean stitching from all sides. The use of non-toxic PVC material is skin-free. It remains completely waterproof that makes the pad highly useful according to Indian climatic conditions and different seasons.

3. Fareto Nappy Changing Mat Water Proof Bed Protector

Fareto Nappy Changing Mats

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Fareto waterproof bed protector mat is designed with foam cushion and durable soft plastic for a baby up to 6 months. The multicolor mat is of length 24 inches and width 18 inches. It allows the baby to have a peaceful time during the night when it pees on the mat in the sleep but without getting disturbed at all. The mats are designed according to the mindset of the mother and her worries while taking care of her baby.

The mat is manufactured with premium quality waterproof, skin-friendly material that is available in various striking colors and elegant designs. You can use it easily for the infants. The mats are handy and small in size and can be carried in the journey along with the baby. The purpose of the mat is to make the baby sleep comfortably and it helps the mother to have some rest. It gets clean and shiny to use again. Most mothers keep the pad handy at home to amuse their babies.

4. Mom Care Baby Urine Sheet

Mom Care Baby Urine Sheet

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Mom Care Baby urine sheet is also called nappy changing mat, which is available in a set of two in blue color. The super quality mat is mainly used for either newborn babies or for 0 to 6 months babies, which is most ideal. The mat is urine absorbent and easily reusable. The mat not only allows the babies to have soothing time on the carefully designed urine mat, but it also saves bed from getting wet and dirty. Most of the mothers prefer to use the mat and keep it handy during day and night.

The 100% cotton hosiery cloth combined with high-quality foam which has a layer of soft plastic. It keeps the mat clean, shiny and fully waterproof. The mat is mainly used during baby feeding, massaging time, while changing clothes.  It can also be used while keeping the baby without nappy, during the playtime or during sleeping time. The baby urine sheet can be used during travelling when the baby has diaper emergencies and the mat is used conveniently. It helps to keep the baby and the mother in a good temper.

5. MOM & SON Soft Plastic and Cotton Waterproof Nappy

MOM & SON Soft Plastic and Cotton Waterproof Nappy

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MOM & SON soft plastic and cotton waterproof nappy is used mainly for the children between 0 to 6 months. The waterproof nappy is in three different colors in a set of three. Most new mothers choose the waterproof nappies designed carefully to offer the best features at a reasonable cost. The brand is famous in the market and offers soft and safe nappies that are comfortable and long durable. The skin-friendly material is made of pure cotton and high-quality plastic and is useful in all different seasons and climatic conditions for the baby.

The PVC material used is of organic quality and remains free of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the skin. The carefully stitched mats have easy velcro attachments that make it easy to handle, easy to wash, and dry. The mats get clean and dry immediately and are ready to be re-used. The mat is multipurpose and easily manageable indoors or outdoors. The designer mat matches well with colorful baby clothes and helps the small kid to have fun.

6. Lickabells New-Born Baby Cotton Plastic Sheets

Lickabells New-Born Baby Cotton Plastic Sheets

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Lickabells new-born baby one-sided cotton plastic sheet is available in a pack of three striking colors which most of the families buy for their babies. The changing sheet is mainly for newborn babies or for the infants of age group 0 to 6 months. The cotton plastic sheets allow a newborn baby to have a comfort zone while the baby spent time in sleeping or playing. The other advantage of the plastic sheets is it helps the baby and family members to have a relaxed time.

The cotton plastic combination makes the sheets light in weight, handy to use and long-lasting. It offers comfort to the baby. It protects the bed or sofa or tables from getting messy when used while keeping the mats for the babies during the day. The high-quality foam and Eco-friendly PVC material make the baby sheets functional. Most of the new mothers now prefer using cotton plastic mats for their babies.

7. Padam Kids Happy Babies Plastic Sheet

Padam Kids Happy Babies Plastic Sheet

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padam Kids Happy Babies one-sided cotton waterproof plastic sheet is perfectly suited for the newborn or for the kids up to 6 months or less. The plastic sheet is designed nicely and available in the market by the branded companies. The sheet is highly in demand because of its high-quality, flexibility and usefulness.

The superior quality plastic is used which remains warm and cosy for the young children. The plastic sheet is easily washable after usage. The upper portion of the plastic sheet is made of soft hosiery cotton, which is long durable and easy to manage. When the baby pees during the night, the liquid gets soaked into the cotton layer but doesn’t get leaked due to one-sided plastic cover. The foam gets dry quickly to have the baby undisturbed sleep.

8. Baby Bucket Portable Foldable Baby Kid Changing Mat

Baby Bucket Portable Foldable Baby Kid Changing Mat

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Baby Bucket Portable Foldable Baby Kid changing mat is in elegant Black and Green color. The fully waterproof mat is easy to use, portable and reusable. You can clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth after the usage.  The mat has a hook that can be used to hang it for quick drying. Mothers can carry the slim and foldable mat into the bag while going out with an infant. The multipurpose diaper is practically useful and always in demand in the market. There are many brand companies offering high-quality plastic sheets today.

The diaper pad has helped in making the baby active because the waterproof pad doesn’t give any chilled feeling to the baby even after peeing. The highly standard changing mat is made of superior quality plastic and soft cotton cloth with foam. The colorful mats look nice and work effectively. The babies love the look and feel of the magical mats and the entire family loves to spend time with the baby.

9. First Smile Nappy Changing Mat

First Smile Nappy Changing Mat

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First Smile Nappy changing mat in a pack of four is an ideal gift for every mother, who loves her tiny tots and wanted them to be happy. The nicely designed and timely tested changing mats are highly useful. The multipurpose plastic mat is foldable, washable and reusable. It can be used on table, sofa or even on the bed without any damages. The mat remains waterproof and doesn’t allow the liquids to be leaked which are passed on it.

The changing mat is made by combining pure cotton, polyester coated with a sponge. The lower layer of the mat is made of pure plastic. The material used in designing the mat is non-toxic, skin-friendly, and remains hygienic even after usage. The waterproof mat is easy to clean by hand wash. The pad is manufactured according to the Indian climatic conditions and the seasons. The mat is portable and easy to carry while travelling. The waterproof mat has defined new ways of life. It has helped newly born babies along with the mothers and family members to have a quality time.

10. Brotherbaby Organic Poplin Waterproof Baby Changing Pad

Brotherbaby Organic Poplin Waterproof Baby Changing Pad

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Brother baby organic poplin waterproof Baby Changing Pad has brought a lot of changes in the lives of tiny tots and their families. Instead of worrying about the newly born babies, the mothers spent their time with the babies to have a good time without worrying. The waterproof changing pads with the most-modern design are tested under various conditions and have proved their usefulness and credit ability.  The babies enjoy when they spent their time on the soft and silky sleeping mats.

The poplin mats are easy to use and re-use with normal hand wash and quick dry options. The changing pads are available in different colors and four different flavors such as Bee, Boat, Butterfly, and Red Fish. The waterproof pads have become part of the solution for diaper emergencies that the infants and toddlers face during travelling. The pad is easy to fold and carry around.  It can be used on tables, sofas or on bedding during emergencies while babies use it.


The list of branded changing pads given above will help you to know the most useful brands in demand today in the Indian market. The versatile changing pads with elegant design and superior look always get all the attention.

The upper layer of these magic pads remains soft and it makes the baby feel comfy. The inner layer is made of spongy foam, which allows the baby to relax. The lower layer of the wonderful mat is made of premium-quality plastic. It collects the liquid passed on it and remains waterproof without any leakage. The magic mat teaches new ways to face the problem of life in a stress-free manner, which the new Indian mothers will surely appreciate.