8 Best Baby Finger Toothbrushes in India 2020 – For Toddler

Oral hygiene is essential for the health and well-being of any person. Considering the importance of oral hygiene of babies’ baby finger toothbrushes were introduced to the market. It is not uncommon for babies to be born with a tooth, and in case they don’t have teeth during their birth, it may appear once they reach the age of 6 months. It doesn’t matter when they develop their teeth, all that matters that as a parent, we take care of our babies’ oral hygiene as and when they develop teeth.

The best way to maintain oral hygiene is through a baby finger toothbrush. Most parents can relate to having an epic battle with their babies when oral hygiene was first introduced to them. This need not be a permanent way, with a right finger toothbrush oral hygiene can be introduced to kids in a fun way and avoid them seeing as a chore.

Best Buy Finger Toothbrush Online In India

In this article, we will be discussing the eight best finger toothbrushes that you can buy for your babies.

 1. Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush

Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush

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The first finger toothbrush that we will be considering in this article is from a company known as Summer Infants. The company has been developing its products in line with the needs of a parent. Summer infant’s toddler and baby care products have been developed to make family life easier, safer, and more fun. Summer infant finger toothbrush is a gentle brush for emerging teeth and gums of an infant.


  • Finger toothbrush by summer infant is a dual-sided brush specially designed for cleaning teeth and gums of a baby
  • Summer infant toothbrush product includes a storage case for easy travel
  • This toothbrush is a great way for helping babies with sore gums
  • Using finger toothbrush by summer infant company aids in massaging gums and help babies with their teething
  • Finger toothbrushes of the company are not battery operated and can be used on babies with a minimum age of 3 months.

2. Mee Mee Unique Finger Brush

Mee Mee Unique Finger Brush

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Mee Mee is one of the leading brands in skincare and body care products for babies and toddlers. The company was established in the year 2006 and since then has offered a wide variety of baby care products. Mee Mee Company designs its product with a view to make a parent’s journey fun and stress less. Mee Mee’s unique finger toothbrush for babies includes an ideal feature that you need to know.


  • Toothbrush by the company is approved and recommended by pediatrics.
  • Unique finger brush by Mee Mee is made of premium quality transparent silicone.
  • No harmful materials or chemicals are used in manufacturing the brush
  • Mee Mee unique finger brush is BPA free and super soft
  • Transparent silicone material of the toothbrush reflects the food particles that are being removed and helps in maintaining the oral hygiene of a child better.

3. Chic Buddy Silicone Finger Baby Toothbrush

Chic Buddy Silicone Finger Baby Toothbrush

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For all parents out there, who are looking for a toddler training toothbrush Chic buddy silicone finger baby toothbrush is an ideal choice. The dentist recommends these finger brushes.

The important features of the finger brush by Chic buddy that you need to know are mentioned below.


  • This finger brush is perfect for all babies, whether they have started to use their teeth or not.
  • Finger Brush by Chic buddy is 100 percent FDA approved
  • Brush is made of food-grade and toxic-free BPA – free silicone material
  • Finger brush by Chic buddy consists of soft bristles that provide a gentle massaging effect on a baby.
  • Design of the finger brush is artful and easy to clean as well as maintain

4. BAYBEE Finger Toothbrush

BAYBEE Finger Toothbrush

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The next finger brush that we would be discussing here is from a BAYBEE company. All products of the BAYBEE Company are certified by most rigid standards as defined by the European countries. The company ensures that its products are designed by considering even the minor points that play a role in the safety of a child. The features of this product are listed below.


  • These finger toothbrushes are sold in a pair and recommended by the dentist
  • Finger brushes by the BAYBEE Company can be used on babies that have started to have teeth or not.
  • Soft bristle of the brushes is painless for babies and plays a significant role in maintaining oral hygiene.
  • It is made of good – grade material that is 100 percent FDA approved.
  • Design of the brush allows you to use it for cleaning the tongue.
  • Hygiene case for storage of the finger brush is included in the package.

5. Rachna’s Soft Bristle Baby Toothbrush

Rachna s Soft Bristle Baby Toothbrush

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Rachna’s soft-bristle baby toothbrush is one of the best products in this category available in India. This product should be bought from any seller other than authorizes Rachna brand product sellers. The features of the toothbrush you need to know before buying are mentioned hereafter.


  • Made from supreme quality food grade material silicone
  • Toothbrush is latex and BPA free
  • soft bristles of the brush are very useful in massaging the gums of a baby
  • Brush includes a rounded tongue cleaner on the back of the brush for complete care
  • The Design of the brush is flexible, easy to use, and compact.

6. Nuby Oral Massager & Toothbrush 3M+

Nuby Oral Massager & Toothbrush

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Nuby company products are the best in terms of quality and innovation. The company provides a range of feeding, soothing, teething, and medical products for infants. The features of the Nuby Oral toothbrush and massager that you need to know are listed below.

Nuby finger toothbrushes are designed by the manufacturers to introduce oral hygiene is a baby in a more safe manner. This finger toothbrush is a simple, effective, and comfortable start for oral hygiene in babies of 3 months or more.


  • Finger brush by Nuby consists of three different surfaces for multiple cleaning options
  • It is made of extra-soft silicone that is safe for use
  • Toothbrush bristles and remaining parts are made of 100 percent medical-grade silicone.
  • Silicone used in the manufacturing of the brush is non-toxic, colorless, and odorless.

7. U-grow Ultra-soft Baby Finger Toothbrush

U-grow Ultra-soft Baby Finger Toothbrush

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U – grow Company is a European baby care and mother care products. The company has started its business in India by offering products to all corners of the country. U- grow baby products are a perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and ergonomics. The features of Baby finger toothbrush are described in a later part for all parents.


  • Toothbrush by U – grow is made of 100 percent toxic-free and BPA free silicone material
  • It is a uniquely designed finger brush for comfort and convenient use by all parents
  • Finger brush comes in a set of two per package
  • Super – soft silicone of the toothbrush plays a significant role in the oral hygiene of babies.

8. Beebaby Silicone Baby Finger Brush

Beebaby Silicone Baby Finger Brush

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The last finger brush that we will be discussing in the article today is from Beebaby. This is yet another company that is leading to child care products. The Beebaby company finger toothbrush includes all the right features as required by a parent.

The important features of Beebaby finger toothbrush that you need to know about before investing in the product are mentioned here. Please read these features before buying the finger toothbrush.


  • Toothbrush by the Beebaby is made of premium silicone that is soft and easy to use.
  • Silicone used in the making of the toothbrush is of food-grade, so you need to worry about the safety of our babies.
  • This finger brush by Beebaby can be used by all parents for babies of 0 months
  • Finger brush by the Beebaby Company is a BPA feature, which further makes it safe for use.
  • Finger brush by the Beebaby is approved and recommended by the leading pediatrician
  • Design of the brush apart from cleaning the teeth also provides relief to the baby’s gums during the teething period.

Bottom Line

Oral hygiene of a baby is equally important for their well-being and development. A toothbrush plays a vital role in maintaining oral hygiene, so you must buy quality and the right kind. The finger brushes mentioned in the article are best in class and quality. The best part of these toothbrushes is the price. The price of the above-mentioned toothbrush is under 200 rupees. The article also includes a link to the online stores for quick purchase.

This concludes the article on eight best finger toothbrushes for babies in India. WE hope that the article helps pick a right finger toothbrush for your baby.